Baby Massage Classes

Baby Massage and Baby Yoga Classes


Baby massage is a wonderful way to bond with your baby. It can help with starting/ maintaining a regular sleep pattern and relaxation. It also helps to relieve colic, constipation, digestive disorders and can be a great way to meet other Mums and babies at the classes. I also offer one to one sessions in your own home if this would be more suitable for your needs. Classes are suitable from about 5 weeks old until baby is mobile/ crawling. Classes are very relaxed and all are baby led so you can stop and feed/ cuddle baby at any time and there is no need to worry about crying as this is to be expected at times! We do five week courses, building up the massage with each week. The first week we do a patch test to check that the fractionated coconut oil is okay to use on your baby. We start to get to know each other and then do a short massage on the chest, tummy and legs. the next week we add in the feet arms and hands and by the last week we are doing the full body routine. It’s quite normal for some babies to miss some of the massage due to feeding or sleeping etc but Mums should be able to watch and learn the moves and by the last week should feel confident that they know the routine. I also give out a free booklet to everyone who pays for a course with all the moves/ songs in and on the last week we have home made cake and I give out a certificate with babies footprints on if wanted.



Baby yoga is a mix of relaxation (breathing techniques etc), stretching for Parent/ Carer and baby, songs and gentle movements with time for refreshments and sensory play. It is suitable from slightly older than the baby massage (around 6-8 weeks after medical checks minimum) Most Parents may find it a perfect progression to do the baby massage course then the baby yoga after.