Mobile Spa

Would you like to visit a beauty spa, but you don't have the time to take out? The good news is, you don't have to. The spa can come to you. How? Well, call Relax Isle of Wight now to find out.

Based in Totland, Relax is a professional holistic therapy specialist. We pride ourselves on the outstanding professionalism and attention to detail provided. What really makes us stand out is the fact that we can come to you. We operate a mobile service across the Isle, delivering the services of a fully equipped spa to you in your home, hotel or location of choice.  Please text or call for more details. 07790308979

What services do we offer?

Available at flexible hours, we provide a great range of physical therapy and massage treatments as well as natural beauty treatments.

Hannah is best known for a holistic treatment perhaps combining deep tissue massage with a bit of Reflexology and finishing with some Indian head massage moves to deeply revitalise and de-stress. Whatever your needs Hannah will work intuitively with your body to help restore balance. 

Book lymphatic drainage treatments to feel brand new and help ease any swelling or get rid of those un-wanted toxins! 

For groups, we offer pamper parties, allowing you and your friends to look and feel great in the comfort of your own home. These are popular with groups as large as you like as we have a large catalogue of self employed therapists we can call upon to offer a large range of treatments from beauty and massage to a yoga or Pilates class. 

Baby massage and baby yoga classes. These classes are currently held in Carisbrooke at Victoria Recreation Ground Pavilion and Banardos Westwight family centre in Freshwater. 5 week courses are available for £50 and funding is available so low income families can get the course for free

The baby massage classes in Carisbrooke are on Thurdays at 11am and baby yoga is also Thursday mornings at 9.45am

The Baby classes at Westwight family centre is 1pm Wednesdays.

All classes last an hour including time for a free cuppa and a chat with other Parents/Guardians are baby led and small friendly, non judgemental classes. One to ones are also available in your own home.

Bringing the spa to you today! Call us today for more information on 07790308979


1 hour


1 hour 30 mins


Pamper Party

 £30 each for half hour treatment

Local Westwight regular



Treatments are generally priced at around £50 an hour but can depend on your location and who is doing the treatment.  please text for more details. 07790308979.