Special Treatments

Managing Stress in the Workplace and Home

One of the most common issues faced in our society is that of stress, both at house and in the business environment. You might be conscious of the fact that stress is bleeding efficiency and productivity from your business. If this is the case, contact us about workplace stress relief and relaxation. We run stress-awareness days, on-site massage, relaxation sessions and subsidised treatments to keep your business as free of stress as possible.

Similarly, we deal with stress and frustration in the everyday world. Our methods include acupuncture, chiropractic, osteopathy and counselling. If you have a baby and you're worried that they might be stressed, we can come to you and deliver baby massage instruction, a valuable way of bonding with your baby and making them happier.

Senior Citizens and Hospital Visits

As we get older, aches and pains can become a tiresome problem. We've discovered over the years that massage and physical therapy can be an excellent remedy for the problems commonly encountered by citizens.

In addition, if you find yourself laid up in hospital we can visit and provide some needed stress-relaxation.

Different Treatment Forms

Of course, there is more than one way of ensuring that you feel relaxed and healthy. One of these is to very literally ensure that your body stays in good shape: we offer personal fitness training as well as one-on-one Yoga and Pilates therapy. Not only this, but if you'd like to try some alternative treatments, we offer professional homeopathy. Our professional therapists will administer personalised treatment only after properly studying your physical state and history.



30 mins £45/£35
1 hour  £55/£45
1 hour 30 mins  £70/£60
2 hours  £80/£70
6 visits - 1 hour  £300/£240

Some treatments are subject to a time limitation or minuimum time requirement.

Pamper Parties 

  • 25 MINS £25 2 x 25 MINS £45

20 MINS £15

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