Body Therapy

Different styles to suit your needs

With extensive experience in all aspects of professional massage and body treatment, we can offer you a range of effective physical treatments including Hopi ear candle treatment, reflexology, pregnancy massage, lymphatic drainage and more. For more information about this range of fantastic treatments, call us up today. You may find that any or a combination of these treatments is ideal for you.

Remember that all of our treatments are at your leisure. We can come to you in your home or hotel, so all you need to do is relax and enjoy. 

Aromatherapy Massage

Using natural treatments, this famous and well-loved treatment provides a gentle, blissful and therapeutic massage. We use essential oils for this which are chosen specifically in accordance with your individual needs, based on our expert understanding of what works for you. This treatment will leave you feel relaxing, refreshing and ready to start anew.

Bespoke Massages

We understand that you're an individual with unique needs, and accordingly we offer a bespoke massage. Simply call us up to book time with one of our Master Therapists. You can discuss the duration and nature of your massage and tailor it to your needs.

Indian Head Massage

This is a very different type of massage which is delivered whilst you are fully clothed and sitting upright. The practitioner uses intuitive and expert knowledge to massage your head, shoulders and neck generating a feeling of deep relaxation and content.


Reflexology is a lovely calming treatment performed on the feet that benefits the whole body. It works by pressing on specific pressure points that corrispond to different areas of the body. Its a great way to kick start the bodies natural healing abilities and bring things back into allignment. I would never say that you can cure any ailment within the body by doing Reflexology but it can be beneficial in keeping the body functioning at it's upmost and can be fabulous for reducing stress and tension. Clients often find they fall asleep or go into a deep state of relaxation during this treatment. Bring back balance and a feeling of calm into your life. You are worth it! Text 07790308979.



1 hour  £55
1 hour 30 mins  £70
Pamper party  £30 each
Westwight regular  £45

Some treatments are subject to a time limitation or minuimum time requirement.

For a comprehensive range of body treatments, call us today on 07790 308 979